Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ecology, ethics, economics: The three E’s to live by

(San Diego, CA) - The Enviro-Business Society (e3) is bringing a new shade of green to the San Diego State University campus this April 22 for Earth Day.

According to the official e3 Web site, they “believe that at the core of their revolutionary new business model there are three pillars which must always be upheld: ecology, ethics and economics.” The Enviro-Business Society offers students of all majors an innovative and beneficial way to make an impact on campus, in the community and in the business world.

At e3’s annual event, Earth Day, on April 22, various events will help students in learning how they impact the world with their daily actions. Each event will act as a tool for e3 to teach SDSU students and community members about different environmental issues.

“We are striving to reach every student with some piece of information in an interactive way that they can take with them, in order to reduce their waste production, exposure to toxic chemicals and carbon footprint,” says e3 executive Josh Van Lente.

On Earth Day e3 is urging students to “get fresh with the locals.” The Enviro-Business Society is presenting a farmers market and has been working for two semesters to implement it on San Diego State University’s campus.

“The Earth Day Farmers Market will be the catalyst for change on the SDSU campus. Hopefully it will influence SDSU to implement a Farmers Market regularly for the students,” president Rae Gurne said.

Another Earth Day attraction is the Business Exhibit. Through endless networking, e3 has built relationships with many environmentally and socially responsible organizations. At least 60 green businesses are going to be featured on Campanile Walkway on Earth Day for student to network with. e3 is providing the future of corporate America (students) a chance to explore job opportunities with companies whose core values support ecology, ethics and economics on equal platforms.

Club e3 also plans to host their own booths in order to bring awareness to environmental issues that are detrimental to our Earth. Their booths will showcase various topics, and pinpoint issues that are specific to San Diego County. Along with awareness booths, there is going to be a “shock factor” component featured in the middle of Campanile Walkway about the use of plastic water bottles.

“We are really trying to make people open their eyes to the fact that changing little actions in their everyday lives, like buying a reusable water bottle, can really make an impact in the long-run,” Gurne said.

Other crowd-pleasing events that will catch students’ attention is the Earth Battle, a battle of the bands competition performed on a solar-energy stage in the evening; Earth Dance, a battle of the DJ competition where students are invited to stay and dance to the music; picnic in the park, where students are offered free pizza and an opportunity to view “Flow,” a documentary about water conservation; and a shock art exhibit, showcasing art submitted by SDSU students that pertain to the Earth.

e3 is working with environmentally-friendly companies such as Two Way Direct , a wireless two-way radio communications provider that has committed to going green. Two Way Direct offers many recycling programs to their customers, such as the new battery trade-in promotion, which offers extra discounts on new batteries in exchange for the customer's old batteries. This way, Two Way Direct can properly dispose of the old batteries to help protect the environment.

Earth Day is the Enviro-Business Society’s most effective way of reaching out to the student body and surrounding community. It is the means of completing their mission statement, and allows them to focus on bringing awareness to issues in the business world and day-to-day life that can easily be changed.

If you would like to find out more information about the Enviro-Business Society and their efforts for Earth Day, please visit their Web site at .

Boilerplate: Enviro-Business Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit student organization. Their mission is to promote awareness of the beneficial relationship from integrating ecology, ethics and economics into business practices. The organization works on different activism projects and events according to the theme of each semester. e3 has an executive board that meets once a week for two hours. General member meetings are bi-weekly.