Monday, February 8, 2010

Understanding FCC Narrowbanding Requirements

In December 2004, the Federal Communications Commission mandated that all private LMR users operating below 512 MHz move from 25 kHz wideband channel spacing to 12.5 kHz narrowband voice channels and highly efficient data channel operations by January 1, 2013. Using narrowband channels will ensure that organizations take advantage of more efficient technology and, by reducing channel width, will allow additional channels to exist within the same spectrum space.


To phase in the migration deadline of January 1, 2013, the FCC has estalished interim deadlines. The first important deadline is January 1, 2011, after which:

  • The FCC will not grant applications for new voice operations or applications to expand the authorized contour of existing stations that use 25 kHz channels. Only narrowband authorizations will be granted.
  • The FCC will prohibit manufacture or importation of new equipment that operates on 25 kHz channels. This will reduce the availability of new equipment for legacy radio systems and will affect how agencies maintain and upgrade older systems.

Planning for the Move to Narrowband

  • Start planning – the FCC deadline is not very far away.
  • Assess your current equipment
  • Obtain new or modified licenses


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