STEP 1: Determining if you need a license

  1. Do your radios operate on more than 0.5 Watts of power?
  2. Do you use for radios for business use (non-personal)?
  3. Do you operate on business band frequencies?

If any of the questions above are yes, proceed to Step 2.


STEP 2: Determining what type of license is needed

  1. How many radios do you use?
  2. Are you using your radios around a fixed location?
  3. Are you communicating with mobile radios in vehicles?
  4. Are you using a repeater to amplify your coverage?
  5. Are you transmitting with more than voice communications (is data being transmitted)?
  6. What is your power output?
  7. How many frequencies (channels) do you need?
  8. Do you need a new license or are you renewing / modifying an existing license?


STEP 3: Contact your FCC License Expert at 1-888-742-5893 with the following information

  1. Tax ID Number
  2. Address of Operation
  3. Structure / Antenna Height (How tall is your building)
  4. Completed FCC License Application.pdf